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Bitcoin and crypto: how to 5x your investment in 2021 without the huge amounts of time or risk

A FREE online event to educate you on Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency and the Blockchain, why this is the greatest investment opportunity of our lifetime, and how you can safely and easily get invested in a way that allows you to maximise gain whilst minimising risk.

Some of the topics we will be covering:

  • The biggest shift of wealth since the Internet and how it's playing out in front of our eyes right now

  • How we are set to get screwed yet again by Wall Street and the private bankers, and what you can do about it

  • What is the 'Blockchain' and 'cryptocurrency' and why this is instrumental to this shift

  • What is Bitcoin, how does it work and why it's the highest growth asset class available today

  • What are Business Crypto Projects ("altcoins") and why these technologies are going to disrupt life as we know it

  • A powerful portfolio diversification approach used in stocks and how you can apply this within Crypto

  • Three crypto investment strategies and which one is right for you

  • How to 5x your money in 2021 with our top 5 coins for investment and some hidden gems

  • This session is for you if you are eager for ANY of the following:

  • Learn

  • Learn about bitcoin, crypto and the next technological revolution

  • Get Ahead

  • Get ahead of Wall Street for the first time

  • Get Out

  • Get out of the debt-driven financial system

  • Diversify

  • Diversify your investment capital into a high growth asset class

  • Secure

  • Secure you and your family's future wealth

  • Self Management

  • Work towards managing your own investments without relying on a third party


    Live Webinar

    A single, not to be missed event! 

    Thursday 14/1 7.00pm - 9.00pm AEDT

    We will be covering our best and most up-to-date content and you will walk away with valuable knowledge and insight that you can utilise immediately.

    About Your Presenter 

    Michael Hazilias has been in the IT industry for over 20 years building service and software solutions and is now involved in 4 companies spanning over 50 staff in 5 cities across 2 countries.

    He is also an avid Crypto enthusiast and investor for over 3 years and a trader on the financial markets for over 2 years (stocks, options, forex and Crypto). He has personally grown his Crypto investment portfolio by over 1000% in 2.5 years through what has partially been a slow period in the Crypto space. Michael is now combining his unique skills and experience in a way that is empowering the everyday person to break free of the 'Financial Matrix' that is our world today.

    Through a combination of service and software, he is now helping people achieve these similar results and there is plenty more to come as we enter the next bull market in cryptos which is potentially happening as we speak. You don't need to be tech savvy or have a lot of time to benefit from the greatest investment opportunity of our lifetime and Michael shows you how in this easy to digest and action workshop.

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